Piers Hellawell – »Sound Carvings from Rano Raraku«

Der Link zum Sonntag:

Hier eine Komposition des 1956 geborenen Engländers Piers Hellawell, zu der er selbst folgendes geschrieben hat:

»Rano (= Lake) Raraku is the quarry in which the carving of the Easter Island statues took place – surely the scene of one of the creative triumphs of all time. The unexplained, brooding presence of these statues relates to this 21-movement quartet in three ways. The material that now interests me has no use for any species of „symphonic“ development, and I find it helpful to present this set as a group of undeveloped carvings, no two alike yet all bearing certain family features. Secondly, my entire material is generated from one Balinese Gamelan melody, so the quarry setting seems apt; Thirdly, the neutral background that the remote island setting affords this extraordinary frozen parade offers a nice parallel to musical performance – the appearance of sound against a silent canvas.«

Piers Hellawell – »Sound Carvings from Rano Raraku« (Psappha Ensemble)

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